The Rabbit Hole

4′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas

The Corral

18″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas


4′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas


3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas


3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas


18″ x 24″ Oil on Canvas


Joseph grew up in the culturally rich environment of Newfoundland. At a young age Joseph began exploring the arts through drawing. At the age of 15 Joseph became a member of the Memorial University Annex Art Gallery where he had the distinction of being the youngest member to have joined the group. The Annex Gallery was an organization which supported local artists and provided support and training in their respective fields.

Due to the poor economics of Newfoundland Joseph was unable to pursue an education in Fine Arts and found the best avenue for him at that time was to join the Canadian Armed Forces. Joseph served for over a decade and within this time periods he gained a reputation within the military for his artwork. Joseph was recognized for his contributions to the culture of the military through the creation caricatures of the Officers and Non Commissioned Members as retirement gifts, designing and creating memorials for the Canadian Armed Forces soldiers, creating art works for his classmates and local charities as part of the military community support programs. Joseph also participated and won many of the local ice sculpting competitions where his gained a reputation for sculpting unusual and technically difficult pieces.

After his career within the Armed Forces Joseph went on to use his creative nature and skills in assisting companies throughout Canada and the U.S. As a business consultant Joseph found his artist skills to be an asset as they assisted him in thinking outside the box and providing considerable contributions throughout the organizations he worked for.

In 2003 Joseph moved to British Columbia and given the surrounding beauty of BC Joseph’s desire to return to his artistic roots was once again prevailed. Joseph was fortunate enough to join a north shore municipality was able to utilize his organization skills and practice his art. Joseph introduced sculpted functional art pieces within the community which then spurred him on to return to his roots of drawing. Joseph returned to his sketch pad and then turned to painting, music and poetry as mediums to express his artistic visions.

Joseph’s prefers portraits as he believes that the stories people hold can be expressed within their faces. His subject choices are influenced by the people indicative to the inner city core. Joseph likes to challenge the viewer to see the beauty within his subjects and uses vibrant colours to add to the expression of the painting. Joseph works with larger canvases and tends to use 4’ x 4’ or larger as a standard although he plans to increase his canvas sizes when his works fully attains the visual values he’s seeking.

As you will note on this site Joseph extends his artistic expression to include music and poetry as he feels that different visions are suited to different mediums in order to adequately express their story.

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    love you love your self portrait

    February 6, 2014 at 6:30 PM

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