The Rabbit Hole

More cooper, more old pressure gauges and more time but why not right?


More cooper, some Plexiglas, aquarium air bubbler and some old brass and as always ……..time


Some Pipes with lights

A bit of copper wire, some glue, a rock and a whole lot of time


4′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas

The Corral

18″ x 18″ Acrylic on Canvas


4′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas


3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas


3′ x 4′ Oil on Canvas



I had a pet fish once
We didn’t really speak
I kept him in a fish bowl
Feed him twice a week
I used to watch him swimming
I’m sure he watched me too
I used to watch him watch me
There was nothing else to do
Every time I approached him
He’d swim up to the top
I used to really enjoy that
too bad it had to stop
You see although we were friends
Like I said we didn’t speak
It really was all my fault I forgot to feed him for a week
When I finally went to see him
He wasn’t looking very good
Sort of sat there floating
Just like a piece of wood
I knew I had to say goodbye
But I didn’t really rush
Because as you can probably guess
I said it with a flush


A Sonata



Elysian Fields

Anguish consumes me, swallows my soul
Waves crashing taking their toll
The winds are blowing the horizon lost
Wrapped in torment now the cost
The ferryman waits to receive this day
Stands in silence awaits his pay
Through hells water he’ll ferry me
My soul now captive, never free
Tears once wet, now are dried
Wailing souls judged and tried
Styx and Lethe we’ve sailed past
There waters black where souls were cast
Nerves are flailed I await the dawn
We sail on now all hope is gone
My journey now cast in stone
In the prow I stand alone
The river Cocytus waters flow
Sounds of wailing grow and grow
Lost souls now search for life
Look to me to relieve their strife
My journey done my future torn
Beleth waits his legions sworn
Valac’s dragon near brings dread
To the fallen scourge devoid and dead
I call to Gabriel to come take my hand
And free me from this tortured land
Areal responds and shakes his head
Leaves me burning in lands of dead
Taken now to Hades halls
Souls in pain hung on walls
Jury stands to judge remorse
To keep me here their stated course
Tried and convicted I stand and wait
Gadreel will sentence me my fate
Cast down now in eternal fray
I kneel clasp hands and quietly pray
Blinding light now fills my mind
Uriel come my hands unbinds
Save my soul I cry with, zeal
Uriel cries and calls Azrael
Damned in dark now damned in light
Taken from loves true sight
Sent know to Styxs dark shore
There to wait for a lifetime more
Never now my soul will yield
And walk upon Elysian Field

Hearts Content

I stand alone on Hearts Content
My spirit broken my soul now spent
A storm is coming and bearing down
It sought me out and now I’m found
It moves of will, where I go
If it will pass me, I cannot know
The winds scream, howling a name
I reel and twist hammered by rain
My soul is crushed, under weight
I push, it holds, it won’t abate
I should let it win tear me asunder
Push my soul into darkness under
The anguish holds me as I look to the sea
The storm rips as I turn to flee
Where to hide this anguished night
When will this beast be gone from sight
For it is said that all storms pass
I pray and hope this is the last
She’s upon me now I feel her grip
I lose myself my soul will slip
In the eye I have lost the shore
I have given myself and pray no more
Rules that held me down and still
Have cleaved my soul taken my will
I look to set the balance straight
Battered and hidden it must not wait
Still I give and shall for always stay
True to the storm every day
I have bared myself to the storms will
The truth stays hidden and now lays still
My soul revealed I stand on height
Will I give in and fall this night
I have pledged to live through this storm
and shall hold dear my oath now sworn
And someday soon the storm may see
not what was then but what could be
Someday maybe the storm will pass
I am as I have been and so will last
The winds may calm and my soul will be
Upon the edge and cast to sea
I step out now my soul is spent
and stand no longer on Hearts Content

The Battle of Elysians Field

                                 I am branded Furcas, a purveyor of death
Angels above concede my breadth
Words lose worth when spoken many
Who’s left to listen if there be any
Heed my sins for they cast me down
Now dark legions my fidelity found
I’ve slaughtered and defaced many a man
Left leas of blood now none command
I’ve destroyed souls from children lost
Taken lives and paid no cost
I stand here now to reveal the story
Of a war in heaven in all its glory
There was a night that saw Angels cry
Hades came they knew not why
Angel warriors by Michael’s side
Lesser Angels in horror cried
Clouds rose menacing in heavens sky
Darkness falls as Angels die
Lands once shone in all Gods glory
Filled with armies awaiting quarry
Smoke now conceals the fields once bright
Celestial soldiers stand ready to fight
The legions awaited trumpets to hear
Sworn to God their faith held dear
Our allegiance to God taken back
Fallen Angels our souls are black
Bathin’s gallop into the night
Began the war to set things right
Angels stood and held their ground
And legions fought as trumpets sound
Lines were drawn, dark legions held
Nameless Angels now soon fell
Baal standing high sends commands
His dark forces to make a stand
God now heeds Lucifer’s demand
Calls the seven to take a stand
Michael stands and heralds all G
abriel and Raphel heed his call
Uriel and Zerachiel now appear
Remiel and Raguel now are near
Seven Archangels stand in light
Together now defend the night
Lucifier summoned his demon horde
To arise and fight against the Lord
Beelzebub comes to seduce with pride
Leviathin’s heresy now is cried
Asmodeus and Berith come this night
Astroth and Verrine prepare to fight
Battalions mass under Archangels guise
Force the battle and fight the lies
Raphel stands to face the horde
Unsheathes his lethal holy sword
Strikes down Astroth with a mighty blow
Stands victorious swathed in a glow
Leviathin strikes Uriel with force
Ureil’s demise may alter the course
Uriel now broken and lost his sight
Must forsake the field, leave the fight
Zerachiel draws a mighty bow
Takes aim and lets one go
Staying true the arrow strikes
Verrine’s life it now does take
Asmodeus and Remiel now do fall
Raphel too can’t heed the call
Angels and demons fall this night
Twelve now total removed from fight
Lucifer stands dark and cold
Michael answers an Angel bold
Two now meet on heavens fields
From the dawn of time fates were sealed
Lucifers holds with a defiant stance
Michael’s sword begins its dance
Two angels under crimson skies
The intent of two that one will die
Noise rang throughout the night
Angels fought into the light
Mornings rises both still stand B
alance reached throughout the land
A blinding light outshines the day
Two angels gone now sent away
Lucifer damned from Gods’ grace
Michael rises and resumes his place
Heed my words and pray thee tell
Thy children of war, the war from hell
For Satan’s hordes in darkness wait
We have no love we live to hate

The Horsemen’s Last Ride

Darkness covers the horsemen four
Hunt by night bring blood and gore
Riding horses forged of steel
Souls now stone they do not feel
Searching grounds not their own
Horsemen hunt through sand and stone
Magic used guides their way
Leading horsemen to weary prey
Closer now the prey does come
Soon their souls to be undone
Rumblings rise through the night
Thunder crashed flashing light
Horses carry prey on high
Fight and scream before they die
Weapons drawn the horsemen stand
Tearing souls from a foreign land
Screams that rose fall away
Flashes blind, nights now day
Quiet comes the cost unknown
The horsemen split their souls alone
Fate, Destiny, Pestilence and War
One will stand where none before
Now alone he sees the sight
Horsemen’s carnage of the night
Spiritless eyes now look upon
Souls once there now are gone
Standing stooped now bent and torn
War stands still tired and worn
Fate now wanders lost and blind
Searching for what he now can’t find
Pestilence now gone from our view
Destiny’s heart, pain passed right through
The horsemen have wrought their mighty will
Blood and life their job to spill
Time is past War’s now gone home
Standing lost and on his own
An Angel sent to help will stand
To give his soul a guiding hand
Gone and forgotten his soul is lost
The horseman War now pays the cost
A Specter now he bows his head
And thinks of souls long since dead
The Angels soul is here no more
Darkness shrouds the horseman War
Time now done he bows his head
Breathe now children the Horseman’s dead

Black Storm

She rose in height surrounding me
Shattered waves and broken sea
Hid things from my watchful sight
Hit hard and cold turned day to night
Tossed and turned I lost my way
Live I would within that day
Battered bruised and broken back
Lost confused swells so black
Words of fury rose in height
Day so turbulent turned to night
Screams of winds looked for me
Wraith and fury set so free
Dark as pitch the sea does choke
Waves lunge over sides of oak
She rises throws me aside as waste
Salt frozen bitter mouths taste
Turn for home now lost to sight
Life on balance through this night
Waves alive now smell the fear
Reapers time draws quite near
The fight for life leaves me hollow
Death and mourning I feel will follow
She rises now in her pride and breadth
Wants to hold me in her depth
Cold and silent I scream no sound
My voice is gone and can’t be found
Moving forward I fight it back
Through the day of night now so black
Push and struggle to see the shore
Tired and beaten I want no more
Waves subside from mothers hand
Winds die down close to land
I look towards to passing storm
My body beaten tired and worn
I lose myself no words are spoke
My body slides over sides of oak

Dragon Dreams

I have dreamed of life in a magic way
Gone to places in the light of day
Stood on shores in a far off land
Walked with Queens hand in hand
I’ve climbed mountains that touched the sky
Watched as centaurs marched on by
Battled demons with dark dead eyes
Talked to trolls who told great lies
I’ve flown in worlds far away
And conquered kingdoms in just one day
Walked with a wizard under a foreign sky
Lived with Elves as time went by
Ran with Dwarves underground
Hid treasures that couldn’t be found
Chased a Sprite through wood so green
Laughed with Wisps although not seen
I’ve danced with fairies in the pale moonlight
Spoke to witches in the dark of night
Rode a unicorn through crashing waves
Spoke with specters at their graves
Taught a Giant to speak to me
Chased a Griffon up a tree
But all that I’ve seen and done
Nothing can compare to one
Flew on a dragon, scales bright red
Massive wings, a broad smooth head
Talons like obsidian glisten bright
Eyes that saw like day in night
We flew through together like hand in hand
Explored the mountains seas and land
Saved a princess from her keep
Teased and played and scared some sheep
Fought together in times of war
Protect souls by the score
Stayed together through thick and thin
Together we knew we’d always win
We flew together since I was young
Made up songs to be sung
We’ve play hide and seek in fields of gold
Now we don’t we’ve grown quite old
We’ll fly on together into the sun
When it’s right and our time is done
Until then we will fly and ascend
My dragon and I …. my only friend

The Horseman War

Standing alone on a forgotten shore
The Horseman War feels no more
Too much pain wrought on many
Forgiveness gone if there be any
What care he for those once there
Admit his need he would not dare
Attention given, words once heeded
His soul now stoic none are needed
Pestilence once held called a friend
Now forgotten his time did end
Destiny now lost from others sight
Things once held destroyed in night
Fate now lost in the eternal abyss
War heeds none, none be missed
All the wraiths once firm by side
All now gone, all have died
In solitude now the Horseman
War Standing alone on a forgotten shore

Harth the Troll

This is the story of Harth the troll
It’s better spoken in the ways of old
For it’s a story of his waning heart
And the forest he could not part
You see he was a quiet troll
He loved big hugs, had a gentle soul
He used to spend many a day
Watching a fairy in her joyful play
He met her on a morning bright
She smiled at him his heart did light
Since that day she’s been in his heart
He loves that fairy and dares not part
Sadly though it was not to be
A trolls are mean and quite ugly
When they met they felt the same
But the trolls’ behavior was to blame
At first they’d talk, laugh and play
There together as one each day
The fairy loved to feel and talk
The ugly troll would growl and balk
She tried so hard to help him change
But a troll is dark and very strange
Time went by and she grew quite weary
His mood was foul and awfully dreary
She wanted only to live in peace
He didn’t seem to care the least
She waited long and hoped he’d come
To be with her, play in the sun
And then on a fatefully day
She no longer came to play
Harth knew he was not nice
Knew sometimes his soul was ice
He never told her how he felt
Never told her his ice she’d melt
He never told her of his love
He knew was sent from above
He never talked of his fear
Of losing one he loved so dear
So many things never told
He’d love till he was old
All the things he should have said
Didn’t come from a soul now dead
Harth the troll now sits alone
With a broken heart a soul of stone
Although he had changed his heart
It took too long for him to part
So all of you who read this story
Don’t forget he’s alone and sorry
Brought about by his own fate
For making the lovely fairy wait
If the truth you refuse to see
Once she’s gone alone you’ll be
Harth the troll has slipped from life
Never to have her as his wife
Although he prays she’ll forgive
Alone he knows he’ll always live

Dragons Flight

Red wings spread across the sky
On invisible winds we do now fly
Rising in the morning breeze
Our flight of fancy done with ease
Floating here we feel the sun
Our morning flight has just begun
Lands that passes far below
Holds no concern we do not go
We travel on our unseen line
Head through hardship, life and time
How long our flight will finally last
We cannot know until it’s passed
We see below a broken man
Can’t feel it now but know we can
From this height we can only stare
To save ourselves we cannot care
These winds keep us on our flight O
ur eyes now wait the solace night
Over oceans we do now soar S
ent to serve for half a score
Banners now we wear with pride
Our flight now will take a side
Scorching now the earth below
Dragons’ fire consumes our soul
We turn now from this chosen line
Look for peace we hope to find
Soaring now we coast through clouds
Our sight and thoughts in fog now shroud
Coasting now we seek new hope
Seeking help for life to cope
Light from above assaults our eyes
Shred the clouds and clear the skies
Descending now a Seraph appears
Fills our void our souls now hear
Seized now by this heavenly sight
Fear now holds this precarious flight
The battle now within our soul
Forgiveness not to be foretold
In panic now of what we’ve sought
Our flight we know is worth naught
Turning now from angels sent
Fear of triumph our flight now spent
Winds now calm clouds fill the sky
Onward now we so do fly
Spiraling down we slowly fall
For the Angel we now do call
Seeking pardon from time gone past
We offer what we know will last
Wings now hold a precarious flight
Higher now for the coming night
My dragon and I hope for the best
To find a place we both can rest
Holding hope we stay our place
Waiting for the Angels grace

Springs Dance

The troll stomped his feet, it was another gloomy day
He wished he could send those dark clouds away
February skies were never that nice
They threatened with rain, with snow and with ice
He wondered what to do to make it more fun
Bring back the spirit that he got in the sun
He tried signing songs but his voice shook the ground
Scared all the creatures who lived close around
He dressed in bright colours that would sparkled in light
But in the grey of the clouds it looked more like night
He tried painting flowers but the day was too glum
Nothing he did really felt like much fun
What could a troll do to chase away the blues
He tried tap dancing in his beautiful suede shoes
Nothing he tried seemed to help him at all
He had no one to talk too no one to call
He decide to go out and walk through the town
To see if someone could help, someone he found
He walked to the ocean to see who was there
When he spotted a maiden with golden brown hair
She was sitting by the shore with a journal in hand
She was the prettiest maiden he had seen in this land
He looked at her face and she didn’t seem so happy
How could she be when the weathers so crappy
The troll knew right then he just had to try
To help make this maiden see the sun in the sky
As she looked out the troll suddenly appeared
He was dressed like a clown he looked really weird
She was stunned by this troll he came from nowhere
He was dressed like a clown with flaming red hair
His nose it was round just like a ball
His pants held by strings, she thought they might fall
She watched as this troll started to dance
He moved like a log with baggy blue pants
He wasn’t very graceful as he moved all about
He stumbled and tripped and his shirt it flew out
She shouted “Dear Troll tell me why is it you dance”
“With your red flaming hair and baggy blue pants”
He said “I’m trying so hard to drive out the grey” “
I wanted so much to see you smile on this day”
She couldn’t help but smile how could she not
A dancing blue troll who would have thought
He then sat by her side and held her small hand
She was the prettiest maiden, in all of the land
“Take heart my little one” he said with a wink “
“Spring it is coming much sooner than you think”
“The sun will soon shine and brighten the way”
“Taking away the dull February day”
He took her hand and asked her to walk
So they strolled down the beach and giggled and talked
As they walked away into the day that was grey
They skipped and sang and brightened the day
It is said that in February when it’s just about spring
If you listen really closely you’ll hear the two sing
They share it together, the grey of the day
They sing and they giggle and chase it away
So remember this story whenever you’re down
About the lovely fair maiden and dancing troll clown

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